Tips for Computer users during Quarantine:


During this time of Covid and quarantine many people are using computer set ups that are not ideal for your body and wellbeing and maintaining these positions for long hours. Keeping hydrated is key for healthy muscles and nervous system, get up every 30 minutes and stretch, march in place, make adjustments to your computer and keyboard so that it is set up ergonomically correct. Here is a simple shoulder releases to help with relieving shoulder and neck tension.  Elevated Shoulder Release: Sit or stand. Elevate one shoulder up toward your ear. Raise the arm on the same side to the front, shoulder height (shoulder flexion), and bend your elbow. Support your arm with your other hand underneath at the elbow. Press your bent elbow towards your hand, engaging the muscles of your shoulder for 5 -10 seconds.

Stop pressing and allow the arm to drop down to your side. Repeat once or twice more and repeat on the other side. 

Jenna O'Fontanella LMT

Jenna O'Fontanella LMT

Jenna is a Massage Therapist at JBJC and is an essential asset to our Rehab Team. Jenna’s main modality of practice is Orthobionomy, a therapeutic technique that relieves pain by helping the body to rediscover its natural balance. She is also a Certified Nutrition Health Coach Plant Based Nutrition Educator who has so many wonderful things to share.