JBJC Physical Therapy Clinic

Return to your prior level of function

The physical therapists at Juneau Bone and Joint Center are movement experts whose goal is to optimize quality of life through prescribed exercise, hands-on care, and patient education.  The goal of our therapy is to reduce pain and dysfunction with treatment that will increase your functional ability. 

At JBJC Rehab we want to help you reach your goals and we will cheer for you along the way. We value patient education and strive to help every patient understand why their injury occurred, how to get better, and how to prevent that (and other) injury from occurring again. We will work with each patient to develop a strong home exercise program from day one; and we want you to feel confident and independent in keeping yourself injury free upon discharge.

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Committed to Functional Care

Our therapists at JBJC are liscened and certified therapists that have your best interest at heart. Our team is dedicated to providing optimal customer service, eduction and high class health care.  Most of our therapists have attended SFMA continuing education classes and are loyal to 

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